It feels good to vent

So the weekend exploded into a realm of the unknown, things were said, they can’t be taken back, last night was the reflection about it.


You know what, we agreed it was cathartic to get what had been weighing us down over the last few years off our respective chests.

It is out there.

It is factual.

It is truth.

And, we’ve had our chance to have our say.

We’ve left people with something to think about, maybe something to question, maybe it will make things different.

But equally you know what…

We don’t care.

I think you can get so caught up in doing right by others that you forget to do right by yourselves, you don’t want to think that those that care about you could be cruel so you find excuses for their behaviour but you also worry far to much, you look for signs, you end up not being you as you are tip toeing around.

Well not anymore for us.

Loud, proud and profanity ridden it is out there to be digested by those that caused the hurt and what they do is what they do, but they can’t take back what they have been told and we for once have been able to tell.

Cathartic, Freedom giving, inspiring, a monumental in your face and fuck you but done and life feels good, we feel we’ve moved on, we’re closer than ever and life is good. Life is really good….

We are walking on and leaving the haters well behind, blood, water does not matter hate us then just walk away..



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