So I’m a Troll

This little blog will include the slight madness that goes on in my life, I’m a normal person, I met someone, we fell in love, we moved in together and we got married, we don’t live for drama, we live to enjoy our lives only now I have a step-daughter who hates my very presence on this planet for no reason (and I am not deluded there is not one person who having heard it believes the reasons) put it down to losing her Daddy, being jealous of someone other than her having her Dads affection, us marrying meaning her Mum & Dad could never get back together (they never could as Mommy cheated on Daddy, in their bed, while he was working and the kids were at school)..

But hey ho, we accept the cards that are dealt and move on, leaving the haters to hate and instead moving on with those that we enjoy the company of and want to be in our life for positive reasons.

But…. Seriously…… But……. hearing you have been referred to as “The Troll” is about as pathetic as it gets….  Troll not in the sense that I am some incensed nut job who spend their time trolling them on the web, scouting the web to find snippets of information but Troll as in the depicture of the most grotesque creature (mythical) to exist on our planet, so ugly and disgusting that it’s home is underground, it can’t come out and join in with society as it would make the faint hearted faint with shock etc., etc.,

So here I am newly wedded and known as the troll by an ex who fucked someone in her marital bed, then left taking the children and has systematically done all she can to turn them against on of the nicest people I know (my now husband), and a daughter that played some fucked up version of “The Parent Trap” to get her parents back together and failed and then did the ultimate it’s me or you and got caught out on that one..

Oh happy days….


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