About me

I’m a happy soul, living on planet earth with my Husband, feels weird as for the last six years he has been my other half, but out of the blue he proposed, I accepted and we ran away to get married and are now just continuing only we are husband and wife who wear wedding rings rather than two people who live together.

I did not have children, my husband has two, I have a nice ex who I have stayed on amicable terms with since we split, my husband has an ex wife of the vengeful kind who used to call me up pretending he had been on her doorstep venting his anger (even at times when he was with me elsewhere) accused him of being abusive (no way in hell) and of someone who intimidated her and the kids (she being the bully and the kids as they were then loving their dad and enjoying the time they spent with him)..  Now one has contact and no issue with her Dad at all and the other having failed with a “Parent Trap” attempt to split us up so Mommy & Daddy could get back together, joined he Mom in the “witches cauldron” and continues along with her mum to mostly hate us with a passion and in complete denial that her meddling and game playing fed her Moms mania and she is now directly responsible for the evil nastiness that we endure …. Oh joy..

This blog is about our life, the good and the bad, those that love us for who we are and those that just hate our presence on this planet.

We are lovers not haters and just want those that wish us to ill leave us alone, move on with their lives and leave us the hell alone.



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